Who We Are

SEHIM Distribution is a leading IT Security Distributor in the Middle East, working jointly with leading system integrators in the Middle East Countries from GCC to Libya.

SEHIM Distribution understands that information technology is playing a vital role in our current present and has been a leader in the use and development of IT solutions. The company was one of the first in the industry to offer IT Solutions from Data Security and Protection, Archiving and Backup to IT Network Infrastructure. Subsequently, customers have been able to perform and achieve more revenue where SEHIM Distribution IT Solution helped them to get a security over their investments.

In 2010, SEHIM Distribution took the bold and innovative step to integrate IT Solutions to the Levant Area. Our vision was to develop and install new technology and to introduce an integrated system with proactive capabilities that would revolutionize customer service and optimize their business needs. Our final goal was to provide security solutions that would satisfy all of our customers' individual requirements.

SEHIM Distribution has recognized the growing importance of IT Solutions in the industry for many years. Today, we are a leader in customer-focused IT Solutions, and our research and development expenditure continues to reflect the prominence of information technology for the company. Today, SEHIM Distribution is entrenched in the forefront of IT Systems Solutions; Distributing and providing cutting-edge solutions for the industry.

SEHIM Distribution has one information technology (IT) NOC or Support center located in Beirut - Lebanon. This center is dedicated to the support our regional customers via emails, phone; providing a superior after sales.